The best songs to code to

A frequent topic of discussion (read arguement) at our offices is “who chooses the music?”

We are a mixed group of ages and demographics… and our music tastes vary considerably. We got inspired by Mashable’s recent post about ‘The Best Songs To Code To” and wanted to pay tribute to some of ours.

Jimmy is a head WP developer:

Digitally Imported Chillout stream, I pretty much only code to that: 

Sublime chillout downloadable freely:

Also, Carbon Based Lifeforms – “Silent Running” or “Or Plan B” are absolutely astounding to me.

Jonah is a manager:

Anyone else remember the horribl(y awesome?)e Starbucks commercials from a couple of years ago where a chorus would sing “Eye of the Tiger” with the beat replaced by someone’s name?

edit- Youtube is the collective consciousness of our time. it’s not a chorus, but actually Survivor. Wow, my childhood memories could have done without this trauma.

Whatever puts you in the zone to work — just make sure you aren’t hindering others around you.

Most User Friendly: WordPress or Joomla?

Let the debate begin… Which is the most user friendly platform? WordPress or Joomla?

Firstly, yes we know there are so many other options to choose from that may have certain advantages over both platforms… but the most common question we receive from new webmasters is: Which is the most user friendly CMS platform for a novice developer out of WordPress or Joomla?

We can only assume one position on this question: it depends.

Sorry if this is a little vague for anyone wanting to know the exact answer – but it really does depend on the application needed. For some sites, you are going to have an easier time using a WordPress theme and other times Joomla is a no-brainer.

What you choose really depends on your application and needs to be an important consideration for any new build. Although this website is built on the WordPress platform, we have hosting established for a number of Joomla and Magento sites running custom eCommerce applications. They all work better on our SSD hosting environment.

What is your top pick? One of these two or a different alternative? Please submit your comments below to start the discussion. Also, check out our facebook page here.