How to uniquely develop content without the hassle

As we have all been told a million times… Search engines rely on ‘content’ to index a website. It makes sense… how can a librarian catalog a book that only has blank pages? Short answer: they need some element of content to ascertain where to place the book on the shelf.

That is probably an oversimplified description of how the search engines determine indexing but content is certainly at the core of any indexation process.

One of the big problems with this process is ‘how to create content’. One of the best and certainly most cost effective ways to generate content is to outsource.

Outsourcing can be difficult as the content you post on your website needs to reflect the values and opinions of the company. And typically, this is difficult to portray to an outsourced worker. For this reason, we advise our clients to select a service that will provide some type of ‘try-before-you-buy’ functionality.

One of our top picks is iWriter where you can choose to either find writers for your content or make money yourself by generating content for others on topics you are expert in. The service is fast and very reliable… and best of all has a free inspection service so you can look at the article that has been made for you before you agree to buy it. If you aren’t satifsfied with the material, you can reject the article and assign it to a new provider.

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