Bringing ITC into the modern office

Whiteboards that offer a print function are so last decade. So what are the must have items to bring into the modern office environment?

We decided to ask our friends at Ironline Technology: What are the must have new items for the modern office this year?

Here’s what they said:

Thanks for the email, and we had a lot of fun preparing this short list of must have technology for the modern office environment. Obviously, the nature of the business normally dictates the technology requirements. So we are taking the approach of a ‘normal business office’ – whatever that may be.


Handsets and telephone systems have come a long way in the past few years. The normal technology now consists of VOIP and electronic routing for calls. Options such as call screening, recording, forwarding and voicemail are just the beginning. Our most popular business phone system is rapidly becoming the Cisco IP 7945 Gig Ethernet Color as it has a very handy organisation system and is jam packed with the latest technology.

Softphones and SIP

Another leading brand is 3CX and their range of softphone SIP options. This enables rapid expansion of services and being software driven, you only pay for the service level that is most appropriate.


The best way to capture attention is with a very good display. You can capture your local foot traffic, passing motorists, waiting room clients and even your staff in meetings will be more attentive when viewing your pitch on a good monitor. The cost of these monitors has fallen sharply and is at an all-time low. Take for example the Sony Pro Bravia LED 60″ 13KDL60W600BPSD for under $1,500 – cannot get much better than that!

A bit about Ironline Technology…

We opened this store to provide a convenient one-stop-shop for our serviced IT clients to source their computer and technology hardware at the best prices.

Since opening however, we’re happy to have grown to serve many additional small businesses around Australia, who’ve discovered the savings that we pass on to our customers.

If you’d like to discover what else makes us the preferred technology supplier for leading Australian small businesses, sign up with ironline technology today.

You can Expect…

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