Check your SEO Stats for Free!

Check your SEO Stats for Free!

Benefits of using Check SEO Stats

If you want to check SEO stats for your website then go to and get tested! Go on do it!

Just type in the URL of your website to the search engine box and a lot of statistics will come out. They will tell you the areas where you need to improve on and the areas where you are already doing better. They give you the domain age. You better be aware of how long you bought your domain because if it is only for one year and you see it is already near 300 days old then it is going to expire soon. You would not want someone to steal your domain especially if you have a website name that a lot of people want. It will also give you the Alexa ranking which is the website’s traffic ranking out of the millions of websites in the world. You have to realize there are a lot of websites in the world so you don’t have to feel bad if it is ranked low. This ranking is something you should always monitor. If it goes up then you must be doing something right but if goes down then you must be doing something wrong. It will also display your Google Page Rank which is a rank on Google when a lot of people search your website. If it goes up to 1 or 2 then a lot of people go to your website via Google each and single day.

It is ideal to go back to the website every now and then as it is awesome to check SEO stats here as it gives the status on numerous things like the Malware detection. It will tell you if the website is free from malware and any other harmful codes. It will also indicate if it is safe to use by users so this website can also be used by people who would want to check out your website. If they see your site is not safe then that raises a red flag for them. They also give the status of Meta Tags which are the keywords, description and title. If the title is original then the status will most likely be good. This is why you must spend a lot of time thinking of a good title. If there is no description then that is a bad sign as it won’t take a long time to put one in. It can be one phrase that describes what the website is all about. For example, if it is a food blog then the description could be “Reviewing local restaurants one by one”. If it is an amusement park then it could go like “where the fun starts..”. If it does not have a description then you can expect the status to read “Bad”.

You have to put everything you have in your website since it is a representation of whatever it is you decide. It also gives the status of the site if it is online or not since some sites could be down due to the regular maintenance. There is also a possibility the site is hacked by some genius hackers. The response time is also indicated there and it is usually less than one second. It also lists down your scores for Google Backlinks, Google Indexed Pages, Bing Backlinks and Dmoz. It really pays off to exchange backlinks with other websites because that will increase your ranking in Google. Remember, Google is the search engine everyone goes to when they search for something so better get a high ranking there. It will also say whether or not the server IP is blacklisted or not. If it is blacklisted then it is means it is involved in some kind of online behavior that is unusual. The website also provides social stats including how much Facebook shares it gets as well as Twitter. If you got a social media team working for you then you will know if they have been effective or not. Other social media sites they keep track of are Pinterest, Linkedin, StumbleUpon and Google Plus. Social media is the best way to make your presence felt on the Internet so a good number there would definitely help.


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