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900% Faster Hosting with 3D SSDs

NVMe DD’s are 200% Faster than Other SSD’s and 900% Faster Than Spin Drives, sure SSD’s are fast but but NVMe V-NAND 3D SSD’s takes things to a Whole new LEVEL!
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Our Master Reseller clients starting from Master Reseller 2 Plan can resell our USA dedicated servers and VPS with 50% recurring discount. With extended cancellation policy only renew services if your client renew services with you.

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Dedicated hosting, the ultimate solution for those who seek unparalleled control.

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You never need to worry about any of the technical stuff because my team takes care of it for you.

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My job is to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your web hosting.

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Premium web hosting with 99.99% uptime and a risk-free money-back guarantee.

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Pro-grade power with more speed and 99.99% uptime.
Web hosting or a web hosting provider, gives you space (your hosting plan), for your data (your email/website), on a server. Our web hosting servers are completely maintained, operated and owned by us. However, all of your data located on our servers belongs to you. We offer many web hosting plans, including WordPress site hosting, virtual private server (VPS) web hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting and shared web hosting. Based on your hosting plan we also offer free SSL certificates, 99.99% uptime, WebPro control panel and hosting for eCommerce online stores.
Shared web hosting is a service that provides you with a certain portion of server resources for your data and website. Shared web server hosting is exactly that - multiple website domains hosted on the same server, sharing resources.
Web hosting migration and website migration from a different hosting provider is offered at no charge based on the web hosting plan you have selected. Once you buy web hosting there are several methods to transfer to websites. We offer a free plugin if you would like to transfer your own WordPress website. If you need assistance, our support team is happy to help with cPanel to cPanel transfers. For a more complicated transfer, our Launch Assist website migration service program can transfer all of your files and databases to your new Hosting account. Some plans include Launch Assist or you can purchase it through our managed hosting department. Your data, website, and databases will have a seamless transition with zero downtime. If you are a web guru, you can also migrate your website to your new hosting plan without any assistance.
We provide a full money-back guarantee on all web hosting plans, from 30 to 90 days depending on your purchase. In the event, you prepaid yearly your refund will be prorated based on usage. We want to give you the best experience, no matter if you’re coming to or leaving Hosting. Unfortunately, there are no refunds for addons or Remote KVMs. You can read all about our guarantee in our terms of service.
Yes. WordPress does require website hosting however, you do have several choices. The first step is to purchase a domain name or own an existing domain name. The next step is to get a web hosting account. WordPress can be hosted with any number of web hosting providers. WordPress itself is an open source content management system that can be downloaded directly from WordPress.org. Our WordPress web server hosting can automatically install WordPress onto our web hosting plans. This makes it easier for you to get started building your website. You can learn more about our WordPress website hosting plans.